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Karl Anthony writes amazing songs to connect audiences and performs with his wife Jeanne.

Jeanne & Karl Anthony
....are a dynamic husband and wife team who have a unique style of communication with Original Music and American Sign Language....it is a presentation for all the senses!

Karl Anthony is a Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist who creates anthems for life!

Jeanne interprets Karl’s original music with a creative form of ASL (American Sign Language) which has been describe as Sign Dance!

Jeanne & Karl Anthony perform for conferences worldwide and create the perfect atmosphere for any event! They deliver Humor, “Amazing Music with Positive Messages”, and loads of participation in a fast moving, high connecting, super charged presentation!


Imagine the feeling you have when you go to a great concert and you now have an idea what a Jeanne & Karl Anthony presentation is like.

They deliver Humor, “Amazing Music, and loads of participation in a fast moving, high connecting, super charged presentation!

Creating Magic At Any Special Event

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Karl Anthony Bio

Karl Anthony did not pick up a guitar until he was 23 years old and yet on his own, over 2 million have seen Anthony perform live in person!

Born in Cincinnati into a large Italian family, Anthony carries a passion for life, people, our world, and the way that music connects them all together.

12 tours to Russia, 2 to China, Japan, Australia, Central America, Europe & in all 50 United States have been the stage where Anthony has shared his live shows. As many as two hundred concerts each year!

Karl Anthony has performed for Mr. & Mrs. Gorbachev, twenty thousand seat concert arenas in Moscow, homeless shelters and Aboriginal settlements in Australia, and once was nearly arrested in China for an impromptu performance on Tianemen Square shortly after the Tianemen Square tragedy.

Karl Anthony’s recording carreer has created music that crosses boundaries. He uses music to connect the spirit with the mind and the heart. From rock, world beat and blues to contemporary folk and children's music, Anthony explores music through the enthusiastic response of his audience.

On his CD entitled, “All Of Us”, Anthony worked with music industry veterans such as drummer, Vinnie Colaiuta, which credits include Frank Zappa, Sting, Joni Mitchell, Madonna. Bass player Jimmy Johnson, who tours with James Taylor and has worked with Reba McIntyre, Neil Diamond, Paul Simon, Elton John and The Rolling Stones. Alex Acuna on percussion who has worked with the likes of U2 & Michael Jackson. The list goes on!

The producers of “All Of Us” are jazz veterans Rob & Amber Whitlock. Rob and Amber also add their amazing talents on the recording, Rob with his renown keyboard skills and Amber with her world class vocal ability. Amber & Karl even perform a duet of the classic Joni Mitchell song......Woodstock!

Anthony’s latest self produced recording is titled, “20 Years Later”, the titled cut is a thank you to his audience and a promise for 20 more years of Karl Anthony music. This is an intimate album which focuses on the human experience and current world issues.

Karl Anthony has also created the successful national school assembly program called, “Strike-A-Chord with KIDS!”, and the Strike-A-Chord CD and DVD series. Thousands of children have seen the performance which Anthony presents with his wife Jeanne. Jeanne Anthony interprets Karl's positive lyrics with American Sign Language and then teaches the movements to the children which helps kids easily remember the messages.

Karl Anthony’s music is powerful, no matter the size of the audience. His strong and distinctive voice drive his social action international style, which is a cross between Sting, Robert Plant and James Taylor. Karl Anthony’s music communicates a meaningful urgency which is a perfect home for his always poignant lyrics, and Anthony’s live performances are absolutely unforgettable.


“A Captivating and Enthralling performance.”
Los Angeles Times

“Without hesitation, Jeanne & Karl represent the best investment we have ever made. They are professional, talented, versatile, cooperative and reliable.”
Daryl Kollman CEO
Cell Tech Inc.

“I offer the highest possible recommendations of Jeanne & Karl Anthony as keynote presenters. Each audience member becomes transformed by there performance.”
David Brown
DABCO Business Conferences

“Your presentation was absolutely wonderful,
motivational and content filled.”
Michelle Cotton
National Crime Prevention Council

“You gave us such a heartwarming and inspirational performance that added a special touch to
our conference, and thank you again for the special theme song you wrote...it was perfect!”
Ron Deharte
San Diego Chamber Of Commerce

“Thank you, Jeanne & Karl, for making each word, each song, each graceful gesture a positive, important message conveyed in a sincere and personable manner.”
Taylor Boyd
Hawaii Pacific University

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for our event. We could not have done it without you!”
Craig Maclaughlin
Mental Health Systems Inc.

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Karl Anthony
Karl Anthony Music
P.O. Box 130296
Carlsbad, CA 92013

Bus. Phone: 760/434-5554
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Karl Anthony
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