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By viewing our Club Members, you have access to a wonderful collection of business professionals from our spiritual community. Each Club Member proudly displays a web page detailing their services and participates in referring business to other Club members.

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Traysi Spring

Club President

Classifieds for Seaside Business Professionals

Members of My Referral Club are deeply grateful to Seaside Center for Spiritual Living for providing our Club a place to meet and visibility/publicity among the congregation. Please note however, that this is all the church is responsible for since the Club is totally managed by the Club Officers. Please direct all contact regarding any concerns about the Club to a Club Officer only.
If you haven't been to Seaside Center for Spiritual Living and would like to know more about it, please visit our web site at: Seaside Center for Spiritual Living Please come and join our very happy family. Also, if you would like to see how you can be more connected with us, view our Divine Connections page.


Club members refer business to each other in addition to the congregation and local community. This Club is unique in its ability to showcase our local professionals so that everyone wins. Isn't it time we have a way for divine connections, greater abundance and support for everyone in our extended family and local community? If you're interested in joining the Club, just Click Here to find out more.


The Next Meeting

President's Message
Traysi Spring
Passion Coach

Our Club allows MULTIPLE people to be in the same business category. Many traditional referral clubs are not dedicated within the environment of a church community. They generally prefer to have only one person per business category because they rely almost entirely on referrals from club members. Our club not only receives referrals from each other, but we have an advantage of having business flow in from the congregation and local community.

So there are advantages of much greater exposure by being a Club within a church, yet on the other hand there is a need to not be exclusive and to allow more than one realtor, dentist or handyman.

Be sure to explore using the Classified Ads (top left of this page). It's a way to see what ads were placed by people here at Seaside.

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